The BORA Pure is one of BORA’s impressive cooktop extractor systems. Instead of letting the vapours and odours rise, the extractor, which is fixed in the centre of the cooktop, draws them away instantly.


This cooktop extractor system is simple and minimal in appearance, allowing it to blend perfectly into any modern kitchen design.  It can be customised to add your own personal touch. Choose from a range of coloured inlet nozzles in five additional shades – jade green, griege, orange, red or blue.

Not only has it won us over with its appearance, the BORA Pure boasts some great functions too. The intuitive sControl means that all of the slider’s functions can be controlled by a simple swipe or tap on the surface directly with your finger tip. The automatic extractor control is another useful function that adjusts the power level automatically according to the current cooking conditions. Manual adjustment is still available but if you want to get fully immersed in cooking and prepping, its no longer needed.

The system is available as an exhaust air or recirculation model and has an impressive low appliance height of under 20cm. The integrated filter unit in the recirculation model leaves maximum storage space in the floor unit. So it’s perfect for smaller kitchens too!

Change the filter and clean your BORA pure with ease. The cooktop surface, which blends seamlessly into all worktop materials, can be easily wiped and the flush-mounted design means there’s no concern for dirty joints.



More BORA Pure Highlights
Integrated grease drip pan

If you spill anything during cooking, the integrated drip tray will safely catch both solids and liquids.

Minimum volume

The extractor is barely audible, even at high power levels.

Compact size

BORA pure fits into almost any kitchen, including small ones. It also creates extra room for wall units by eliminating the extractor hood.

Oversized 4 24 cooking surface

The central operating panel allows room to cook with four 24cm pots at the same time.


In recirculation mode, odours are neutralised by an activated charcoal filter. You can change the filter through the air inlet aperture.


Pop along to our Seaton Burn showroom to see the BORA pure in action in our brand new display kitchen.
For more information on the BORA Pure Family, CLICK HERE.

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