True Handleless – Elario (Porcelain & Umber)

The overall linear look is proving very popular in today’s modern kitchen, this Umber and Porcelain kitchen is an excellent choice of colours completed with Dekton Trilium creating a show stopping kitchen.  While we see trends of Greys and Neutral Earthy Hues its nice to see people opting for a painted choice and creating stunning kitchens within their homes unique to them.

From our Concetto range Elario range creates a really striking kitchen- it has clean lines and works perfectly for the ultra-modern look. The angled cut at the top of the of the door means that the line is semi-handleless and practical whilst retaining very clean lines. It also looks great for a minimalist style room and is perfect for open plan living by not interrupting the space.  The angled cut really does make this door stand out.

The gloss reflective quality of the door adds light and space. It’s sleek and gives the sense of an opened up area, free from the constraints of handles, which is perfect for a smaller kitchen.  Add Coloured splash backs to really make things stand out.



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